Card games

Cockroach Poker

from Jacques Zeimet


A funny bluff game with creatures that no one likes! The player on whom four cards of a kind are palmed off will lose this amusing bluff game. One player offers a card to another player stating what creature is pictured on it - correctly or incorrectly. The player who misjudges the other ends up with the card. "This is a stink bug!” You can peek at the card and pass it on: "Oh no, it‘s a spider!” True or false - who knows? Are you a good bluffer?

Article Number :40829

ean :4001504408299


  • Release date: 20.04.2011
  • Weight 170 g
  • Package Measures 11,00 x 11,00 x 3,50 cm
Spiel gut
Empfehlungsliste Spiel des Jahres
> 8 Years
2 - 6 Players
15 - 25 Min.
Game instruction

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