Child games

Spooky Stairs

from Michelle Schanen

A mag(net)ic game of confusion. Everyone wants to be first to scare the old ghost who lives at the top of the stairs. If the die shows a number, you climb up the stairs. But if you obtain a ghost, any piece is transformed into a ghost: A "magnetic head” connects the two and the piece disappears! Now the players must remember under which ghost their own figure is. Whoever can make it to the top of the stairs in this chaos wins.

Article Number :40811

ean :4001504408114


  • Weight 810 g
  • Package Measures 26,80 x 26,80 x 5,30 cm
Kinderspiel des Jahres
Spiel gut
> 4 Years
2 - 4 Players
30 Min.
Game instruction

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