An enchanted world of games

High-quality children’s games with magic moments: That’s what the premium brand Drei Magier® stands for, which has been part of the portfolio of the Berlin-based company, Schmidt Spiele GmbH, since 2008. The children join forces with the three magicians, Vicky, Conrad and Mila, to explore a world full of magical adventures and exciting stories that lead to mysterious castle lakes, ghostly ruins and enchanted forests. The brand has its origins in the Franconian town of Uehlfeld, where Drei Magier Spiele was originally founded as a publisher in 1994. In 2008, Schmidt Spiele purchased the rights to Drei Magier, thus ensuring the continuation of the children’s game brand.

In addition to numerous prize-winning children’s games, such as “The Magic Labyrinth” (Children’s Game of the Year 2009), the Drei Magier® product range also features a variety of card games that require fast reaction or clever cheating – including “Dodelido”, “Cockroach Salad” or “Cheating Moth”.